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TIGHTYOGA PANT SIZE. I have been wearing tighty-whiteys for over 2 decades, and yet I STILL get stares and comments about my pants. I blame my mom’s passing when I was a teen, but I also blame my body type. I’m 5’6″, I’m about 90lbs, and I am a curvacious woman. I wear a size … Read more

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Yoga has become a popular way of maintaining and treating physical and mental ailments. Unfortunately, while yoga is quite beneficial for health, it can also be quite expensive. That’s where retreats come in. A yoga retreat is a programme where you can go on a trip to a yoga-friendly destination, where you can practice yoga … Read more

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As we age, our bodies tend to change. One of the most noticeable changes is a gradual decrease in muscle mass and tone, which can lead to a loss of strength and an increase in fat mass. This is why many people find it challenging to maintain a healthy weight as they grow older. Trying … Read more

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