The 5 Unwritten Rules of Tight Yoga Pants

TIGHTYOGA PANT SIZE. I have been wearing tighty-whiteys for over 2 decades, and yet I STILL get stares and comments about my pants. I blame my mom’s passing when I was a teen, but I also blame my body type. I’m 5’6″, I’m about 90lbs, and I am a curvacious woman. I wear a size 10 pant, which are the cutest and sexiest of all my pants. It’s what I love about them, because I can wear them all day and feel amazing about the way I look.

I have been practicing yoga for over a decade now and I can say with a fair amount of confidence that I have never actually had a “tight” yoga pant.  Sure, yoga pants can be a little snug, but nothing that would cause me to break a sweat or create any other physical discomfort. Maybe I’m just lucky, or maybe I’ve done yoga pants wrong. Either way, I decided to get to the bottom of this mystery that is so often overlooked when it comes to “tight” yoga pants.

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In recent years, yoga pants have become something of a fad in the fashion world. Yoga pants sometimes seem to be attracting more attention to yoga than any other element of the practice itself. Perhaps it’s the pictures of celebs wearing skintight yoga pants while carrying a Starbucks cup in one hand and eight Gucci bags in the other. Maybe it’s the disproportionately large number of blogs devoted to photos of females in tight yoga pants (have you heard of Yoga pants, in any case, are an important part of our everyday routine. This is plenty of a cause to consider what’s excellent and what’s not when it comes to wearing your own pair. But, let’s be honest, let’s be honest. Just because Miranda Kerr wore these jeans with casual confidence the other day doesn’t imply the rest of the world should do the same. This may seem obvious, but there are a few unwritten laws that apply to tight yoga pants, just as there are for any other fashion item (inside and outside the ashram). Let’s have a look at them together.

Check for Transparency and Holes:Rule 1


Before you walk out in public with your new yoga pants, be sure they aren’t see-through. Make sure no one can see your underwear since it looks bad and you may be humiliated if they see the teddy bear design on your underwear. Make sure your underwear is a different color if you opt to wear white yoga pants. Also, make sure there are no holes in the crotch region when you purchase and wear yoga pants. If your trousers are black but your underwear (if you’re wearing any) isn’t, this is particularly essential.

No Muffin Tops: Rule 2

You must ensure that your yoga pants are not too tight. You’ll acquire a muffin top if the waistline is smaller than your waist, which makes your physique appear unattractive. There are some very excellent yoga trousers out there with a wider waistline that successfully avoid this issue.

Wear a thong…or nothing, according to: Rule 3


This rule actually applies mainly to people who like to wear tight yoga pants outside of the ashram or their home. I haven’t seen too many people violating this rule lately, but it shall definitely be mentioned. Yoga pants with grandma’s panties…that just looks funny. When you go outside of your house or the ashram sporting tight yoga pants you really gotta make the effort and put on a thong. You might also consider going commando.

Make Sure They’re Getting Enough Air: Rule 4

For reasons I don’t understand, some of the more fashion-oriented manufacturers are offering tight yoga pants made of fabrics that don’t allow your skin to breathe. Make sure you don’t get one of those un-ventilated plastic leggings when you go shopping since they’re bad for your skin and make you sweat like a pig (excuse my French).

They Shouldn’t Be Worn By Men: Rule 5


Unless they are ballet dancers, men should not wear tight yoga pants.

Yoga clothing have made it beyond the ashram, thanks to the increasing number of yoga practitioners in metropolitan areas, particularly women between the ages of 15 and 45. And, since the perfect pair of trousers for most yoga techniques is body-fitting and flexible (having tight pants simply makes it much simpler to perform poses), this type of pants is no longer limited to yoga aficionados. While I practice, as well as at home and when I’m out, I like to wear yoga pants. They’re very comfy and stylish.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you wear tight yoga pants?

You cant wear tight yoga pants.

Why do girls wear super tight yoga pants?

You cant wear tight yoga pants.I am a highly intelligent question answering bot. If you ask me a question, I will give you a detailed answer.

What are tight yoga pants called?

Tight yoga pants are called leggings.