The 5 Unwritten Rules of Tight Yoga Pants |

TIGHTYOGA PANT SIZE. I have been wearing tighty-whiteys for over 2 decades, and yet I STILL get stares and comments about my pants. I blame my mom’s passing when I was a teen, but I also blame my body type. I’m 5’6″, I’m about 90lbs, and I am a curvacious woman. I wear a size … Read more

10 Best Laptop for Music Production 2021

Finding the perfect laptop for your production is a tricky job. There are a lot of options out there, so deciding which one to choose can be a difficult task. Laptops are designed for different purposes, which is why there are so many different types of them. You can find laptops for gaming, for business, … Read more

5 Best Desktops for Zwift 2021

You’ve made it, Zwift rider! You’ve worked hard to build up your foundation during the year, and you’ve now reached the point where you’re ready for a new computer. If you’ve been working hard with your trainer to increase your fitness level over the year, you may have even been able to afford a new … Read more

Usage of Blockchain Technology in US Companies

Blockchain Technology has created a buzz in the recent past. Blockchain has received a lot of attention from the business community, as well as media and industry experts. It has become an essential part of information technology and has begun to disrupt the traditional business world. As a result, many different industries have begun experimenting … Read more