5 Forgotten But Good Christian Bale Movies to Watch in 2023

It is indeed true that Christian Bale is one of the legendary actors we have today. Many of us knew him for his physical transformations, which harmonize with the movie character. Bale started his acting career when he was 13 and instantly became relatively famous for his role. He acted in numerous films, but the majority of people only know some prominent films. However, there are some forgotten but good movies about Christian Bale which you can watch currently.

1. The Big Short

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The Big Short is one of those Christian Bale’s which not everyone is fond of but has a great story. Directed by Adam McKay, this movie has a box office record of $133.4 million and was acquired from the “The Big Short: Inside the Doomsday Machine.” In short, the movie revolves around some finance specialists who discover the fluctuation in the US housing market and foresee its fall during the mid-2000s. With their research, they find the drawbacks and fraud in the network.

2. Hostiles

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Here is another incredible movie of Christian Bale which is Hostiles. This movie is directed by Scott Cooper Miami Beach and released way back in 2017. Unlike the beliefs, the film is a made-up one and not based on a particular real story. An ancient manuscript composed by the former screenwriter Donald E is the primary writing from which the concept for this movie plot has come.

3. Mowgli: Legend of the Jungle

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I personally have a big liking for this movie. As a child, many of us may have watched the Mowgli cartoon but often forget it as we get older. However, the “Mowgli: Legend of the Jungle” movie is a perfect combination of fiction and reality that suits audiences of all ages. Though Christian Bale was not the main character in this movie, he portrayed great emotions as Bagheera, a clever black panther who acts as Mowgli’s caretaker.

4. The Dark Knight Rises

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If you like genres like mystery, action, thriller, adventure, or fantasy, you may appreciate “The Dark Knight Rises” movie. In this movie, Bane, a dramatic terrorist, assaults Gotham City and disturbs its stability and peace. It makes Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale) return from his hiding and get into the cover of Batman again to protect the city. The total gross budget for making this movie was around $250 to 300 million, and it got a $1.081 billion revenue at the box office.

5. The Fighter

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Here is a movie based on a true story that shows the efforts of a younger brother, Micky Ward, attempting to match up to his older brother’s boxing inheritance. This movie illustrates the incidents that happened after Dicky Eklund’s achievement.

Bottom Line

These movies might not be everyone’s picks, but they are some of the finest works of Christian Bale. Hence, when you have time and want to watch an interesting movie, we recommend you to give a try to the above-mentioned movies.