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Danielle Rochon is a professional soccer player born in New Brunswick, Canada. She played for the Vancouver Whitecaps FC from 2004 to 2014, and was a member of the Canadian Women’s National team from 2006 to 2012. In November 2011, she signed with the Chicago Red Stars, the team she played for during the NWSL off-season.

Danielle Rochon is a 30 year old American, who is a professional track & field athlete in the 100 meters and 200 meters for the United States. She competes for the University of Connecticut. Rochon is a three-time Olympic Trials qualifier and semi-finalist at the Olympic Games. She is a graduate of the University of Connecticut, where she holds the school records in the 100 meters and 200 meters.

Your life changes when you become a parent. Priorities change often. It’s no longer just about you and your goals; these insignificant individuals in your life are drastically altering your everyday routine. And it often includes more severe matters over which you have little control. Danielle Rochon’s children would be both a health problem and a motivation for her to discover greater health inside herself, even if she didn’t realize it at the time.

Danielle, a small lady, was taken aback when she gained 75 pounds during her first pregnancy, rising from 95 to 170 pounds. Despite the obligations and difficulties that come with being a young mother, she was able to retain the majority of her pregnancy weight throughout her second pregnancy. Her doctor examined her for gestational diabetes when her weight increase with her second child seemed to be similar to that of her first. Insulin resistance and high circulating glucose levels are comparable to those seen in type 2 diabetes. Hyperglycemia affects a tiny proportion of pregnant women, posing health concerns to both the mother and the infant.

Despite receiving early treatment for her illness, Danielle’s weight rose to 220 pounds, up from 160 pounds before to pregnancy. After the birth of her second child, the pregnancy-induced diabetes continued and progressed to type II diabetes.


Danielle initially disputed the disease’s existence as well as the dangers it posed to her health. She had no odd symptoms despite her weight increase. Her attention was diverted by the fact that she had two young children to look after. As a consequence, she didn’t make much of an attempt to deal with the illness. She had been carrying the weight of her fat and the consequences of diabetes on her health for 13 years.


Before, Danielle

Work begins.

Danielle thought she was ready for a change at the age of 33. She has dropped 15 pounds and is on track to meet her objectives. But his family was up to no good once again. It was her husband, not her children, who were considerably older and more self-sufficient in this instance. Danielle’s emotions of uncertainty and anger escalated the tension level in their relationship as she continued to enhance her lifestyle and physique. When she left the home to train, he interrogated her and followed her. Danielle’s level of exercise decreased, and she turned to eating for comfort and to alleviate stress. She neglected her health in the process, gaining all of her weight and more until she reached 265 pounds.

Danielle’s conduct altered when the relationship ended, and she resolved to become healthy again. She began with a nutritionist-created diet plan based on Danielle’s eating habits. Danielle, on the other hand, found that eating a lot of grains and carbohydrates didn’t help her manage her blood sugar and she couldn’t lose weight. Daniel used to follow the concepts of the Atkins diet and the combination diet: his meals primarily comprised of proteins, veggies, and healthy fats. Danielle has dropped weight and is now 165 pounds after just about two years of following this method.

Danielle found that by limiting her meals and adhering to these basic guidelines, she was able to manage both her weight and her sickness. She survived her loss for four years with a new feeling of normality, and blood tests revealed that she was no longer diabetic. Danielle has triumphed in her new relationship, in raising happy and healthy children, and in regaining her health and self-worth.

Loss’s repercussions

Two terrible losses in Danielle’s life destroyed her feeling of control once again. Danielle’s mother died when she was just 39 years old, despite the fact that she survived another 15 years after having a stroke and a severe heart attack. Danielle lost her father less than a year after her mother died. Danielle was very reliant on her mother and father’s support and connections as a kid in a household. Despite the fact that she had lost both of her parents due to the consequences of an unhealthy lifestyle, she returned to old bad behaviors in order to deal with the stress of their deaths. The repercussions of this choice are reflected on the scale, which reads 220 pounds.

Danielle realized she had to adapt once again, but this time she had to be more cautious about how she dealt with stress. Danielle returned to regular exercise instead of grabbing for food, and discovered that the endorphin high from activity was superior to the serotonin generated by carbohydrate-rich foods. Six days a week, Danielle alternates between rigorous strength training and boot camp-style interval training. She mixes this continuous high activity with ten habits, a strategy that worked so well for her that she lost weight right away. Danielle is still working toward her weight-loss and fitness objectives.


Coach JB

Despite the fact that the combination works for her, Danielle continues to get one-on-one tutoring from John Berardi. Danielle has a full-time job with Nature’s Fare, a major natural food business in Western Canada, which is a good fit for her new lifestyle. The business provides many chances for workers to further their education and broaden their understanding of the sector. In early 2009, Daniel met John Berardi, who gave a talk to shop employees as part of a multi-city tour.

What is his advice? Try including more HIIT workouts, such as the one seen here. She now incorporates a brief 30-second work and rest session into her daily routine before beginning strength training.

Danielle schedules her workouts and food as follows on a normal day.

5:30 p.m. : A modest portion of Gourmet Nutrition’s Banana Nut Chocolate Bar for preliminary instruction.

Super smoothie with unsweetened almond milk, whey protein, greens+, 4-5 strawberries, and L-glutamine after the course.

8 p.m.: cooked eggs with an apple

12.00 : Chicken breast, balsamic vinaigrette salad, apple

Snack in the afternoon: another tiny bar or a smoothie (about 150 kcal).

Dinner: Omega-3 agave and mustard sauce seasoned fish or chicken with big amounts of veggies.

Danielle can satisfy her appetite with a tiny handful of nuts or chicken if she is hungry before or after supper. She does, however, have her final meal of the day at 6 p.m. Controlling the quantity and kind of carbs in their diet was a crucial nutritional component of their success.

First-hand accounts

Danielle discovered that getting back into a routine was the most difficult aspect. There may seem to be insufficient time to complete all tasks. She understands that once she has accomplished this, it will be much simpler for her to remain healthy, and she has devised a number of methods to establish the necessary habits.

Exercising early thing in the morning is one such technique. Danielle performs her exercise and all of the cooking before she goes for work or on her day off, knowing she’ll be exhausted at the conclusion of a long work day. This prevents her from using energy on these things when she knows they will be difficult. Danielle plans her workouts around her job schedule, with the most intense sessions taking place on weekends. She may go to the gym later in the morning on these days, when her body and mind are more prepared for the intensity of the exercises.

A shift in Danielle’s attitude toward her priorities was the most significant element in her achievement. Danielle found it difficult not to feel selfish when she made time and effort for herself during her weight reduction journey. With the challenges of raising children, the pressures of a spouse who does not support or trust her, and a full-time job, Danielle has had to work hard for many years and overcome numerous failures to reach the point where she considers the process unselfish. She’s learned how to strike a balance in all of this, and that prioritizing her health, training, and diet pays off. Danielle is content with her current state of mind and is far more capable of dealing with stress when it arises.

Set aside some time for yourself.

After a series of ups and downs, Danielle understood that she needed to prioritize herself, despite her hectic schedule and the need to make sacrifices. It’s not self-centered: you have to look after yourself before you can look after the people you care about. Danielle wants to pass on this life lesson to her children as they develop into young ladies.

And they seemed to know what they were talking about, based on what I observed. Sasha and Paige, her two children, share their mother’s healthy lifestyle and attitude, and Sasha was motivated to work as a personal trainer in Vancouver. Danielle’s self-centeredness seems to be paying off, and her children will continue to inspire her as long as she stays focused on her objectives.


Daniel, you are on your way.


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